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John Alexander "Jack" McKenzie Memorial Award

The Jack McKenzie Memorial Award was first presented by the Rotary Club of Sioux Lookout in 1992 and is presented annually to a local resident “in recognition of selfless dedication to the community and its people”. The award is in memory of the late Jack McKenzie, an outstanding volunteer who, for many years, served on a wide variety of committees and organizations.
The award is presented during the Opening Ceremony of the Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival.
Do you know a deserving Volunteer?
In order for a nominee to be considered eligible to receive this award, they must meet all of the following criteria:
  • Must have resided in Sioux Lookout or the surrounding area for at least the preceding 12 month period usually from August 1 of the preceding year.
  • Must not be a current Rotarian
  • Must not have received remuneration for any service(s) performed considered to be part of the nomination
  • Has actively volunteered during the preceding twelve month period from the award presentation date
The following circumstances are deemed to be acceptable for the consideration of potential nominees’ eligibility:
  • Updated and resubmitted nominations for a previous non-recipient nominee
  • Posthumous nominations where the deceased passed in the preceding 12 month period from the award presentation date.  All posthumous nominations must still meet the above criteria

Nominations for the 2024 award will be accepted July 2024
Thanks to all who submitted nominations this year
John Alexander
"Jack" McKenzie
Jack arrived in Sioux Lookout in late 1950. He was a salesperson for Swifts. Even though his job required substantial travel, he soon became involved in many volunteer activities in Sioux Lockout. In 1958 Jack and wife Mona opened McKenzie Shoes. They operated the store until 1973. All the while continuing their volunteer commitments in the community.
Jack was a member of the board of the YMCA, a member and Chair of the Public School Board, served on Town Council, the Hospital Board, and Community Centre Board, the Church Council of St. Andrew's for 23 years, serving as Chair and Secretary during that time, chair of the Board of the Muriel Boyle Centre (forerunner of the  Dryden Sioux Lookout Association for Community Living, the Sarah Vaughn Library Board, charter member of the Sioux Lookout  Isolated Community Association, later knows as the Drayton Local Services Board, and a faithful Rotarian and Past President of the club.
Previous Award Recipients
1992 - Margaret Atwood
1993 - Rose Caswell
1994 - Jack Carroll
1995 - June Wallace
1996 - Ella Williams
1997 - Les Johnston
1998 - Marnie Hoey
1999 - Beth Daley
2000 - Wally Glena
2001 - Emma Bowes
2002 - Muriel Anderson - Wayne C. Pearen
2003 - Paul Brown
2004 - Mario Facca
2005 - Rachel George
2006 - John D. Cole
2007 - Jack Reek
2008 - Attilio Durante
2009 - Christine Hoey
2010 - Eileen Jefferies
2011 - Sandra Lockhart
2012 - Althea George
2013 - Peggy Sanders
2014 - Gail Roy
2015 - Florence Woolner, Terry Lynne Jewell,
            Aileen Urquhart, and Faith Ferre
2016 - Michela Pauselli Salter
2017 - Nordic Nomads Ski CLub -  
            Ron Laverty and John Davies
2018 - Bruce George
2019 - Ron Lemmon
2020 - Geraldine Morgan
2021 - Darlene Angeconeb
2022 - Cathy Morriss
2023 - Charron Sippola